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Mobile Timecard and Attendance

Econz Wireless (est. 1971) - Econz Wireless is a Leader in Mobile Data Collection, providing Employer Solutions for Time & Attendance, Employee Tracking and Wage-Hour Compliance Laws. Econz Wireless products are available on a Global basis and have helped thousands of companies streamline their businesses to become more efficient, more productive and more profitable. Select “your industry” and see which product is right for your company's needs.

Econz Timecard is a mobile time and attendance and GPS application that works on Standard Cell Phones, Smart Phones and Tablets. Timecard enables employees to log time, attendance, tasks, sub-tasks, cost codes and breaks on their mobile device. Learn More

Econz Eservice is a Mobile Field Service Dispatch and Work Order Management System that works on Cell Phones, Smart Phones and Tablets. Eservice is web-based software that enables a field service team to receive and respond to customer work orders. Learn More

Timecard Lite is our timecard GPS application without the time and attendance reports. Companies that are looking for just strictly GPS tracking then Timecard Lite would be the product of choice. Timecard Lite offers GPS Tracking information such as location, speed and mileage. In addition, features such as GPS Smart Fence Technology, Bread Crumb Trails and Speed Triggers are also available with Timecard Lite. Learn More

Federal Compliance Wage-Hour Laws for Mobile Workforce
Labor Laws
State and federal labor laws generally require accurate and tedious record keeping for all "non-exempt" employees regarding a variety of work issues, including hours worked, mandated lunch periods and breaks taken by employees. Employers can find it difficult, time-consuming and burdensome to comply with these laws and sometimes find themselves at a disadvantage when responding to class action lawsuits and audits conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor and/or state administrative law enforcement agencies. Learn More



At Econz Wireless, We have a range of specialized products to suit all your mobile workforce management requirements.
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