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Econz - Customer Comments


Morrison Geothermal has been using the Econz TimeCard System for over five years. The reliability has been outstanding. We access the reporting system every day and often run reports after hours and on weekends. During this time, we had only one outage that occurred on a Sunday Morning. I called Customer Support and discussed the situation with a knowledgeable Customer Support Representative. The call was directly to Representative and not an answering service. The problem was resolved in less than thirty minutes and I was able to run the payroll reports. Whenever I have a question on TimeCard or a TimeCard feature, Customer Service has been able to answer my question on the first call. Econz understands the importance of their service to the customer and provides first class support.

Ed Lopez
Operations Manager
Morrison Geothermal Inc.


We have been an Econz member since March 2012. We were using another company and were having problems making the transition to smart phones. We chose to use Econz because it was not only easy to install but very user friendly. We use QuickBooks for our payroll and their QuickBooks report is incredibly efficient, saving our company hours of office work. We find Econz to be the best program for tracking our employee's hours and locations and highly recommend them.

Mary Dziatkiewicz
Operations Administrator
Noffke Roofing


We have been using ECONZ for approximately one year to track workers' time in the field for payroll and time spent on customer sites. The program is easy to use and provides accurate reporting. Since it is web-based, I can access it any time and any place I have an internet connection. Questions have been answered promptly and courteously by their knowledgeable support staff. I would recommend ECONZ to any business that needs a mobile time and GPS tracking application for their operations.

Steve Steele
Director of Operations
Keesen Landscape Management, Inc



Econz - Case Studies



Construction Company has numerous jobs in 3 different Regions. Company implemented Econz Timecard on 12 mobile devices and took advantage of Econz Supervisor clock-in, at no additional cost, to manage their workers on various job sites. According to owner, “Timecard has saved me tremendously in many different ways. I know my workers are on the job and getting things done even if I am not there. I was able to use Timecard in place of one of my foreman in the South and moved him to another site in Northeast. Using Timecard on the South job, I did not have to hire another foreman which saved me at least $70,000 a year. I am also saving on administration costs by not having to keep track of paper time sheets and imputing information on a daily basis. My fuel bills went down 25% when I implemented Timecard and I cut overtime costs back by over $8,000 my first year using it. I spend approximately $1800 a month to save over $80,000 a year… That’s value!"

Building Company is a full service design and building general contracting company that has been in operation since 1983. Commitment to their clients is paramount to their business philosophy, which of course means that saving on project costs is important. With multiple locations, Building Company has earned a reputation as an experienced, reliable, and high quality operation. Having crews spread throughout multiple regions the company had concerns that workers were leaving sites. There were also suspicions that the workers were over estimating their travel costs and taking long lunch breaks. After looking into GPS only solutions and other applications that required PDAs, they heard about Timecard from their wireless representative. Because Timecard worked on mobile devices they already had, it was a simple, cost-effective deployment for their 150-180 users. Building Company deployed Timecard and took advantage of our Team Clock-in feature. Currently they are running our application on 39 phones, while keeping track of time and attendance for 96 additional workers. The management at Builders estimates that they are saving between $300,000 a year to $500,000 a year per year. Their workers are arriving to job sites promptly and their hours are kept more accurately. Building Company has also been able to save in some unexpected ways, defending the company against litigation using the data collected by Timecard.



Landscape Company specializes in commercial and residential environmental maintenance and has 3 offices located throughout region. Each location has approximately 30 trucks deployed each day with a total amount of workers of 70-120 depending on job and season. Landscape Company took advantage of Timecard Supervisor team clock in/out and had team leader in each truck log employee’s time and attendance. Management was able to monitor work flow and job status with live-time reports and GPS tracking. Company integrated into preferred 3rd party time and attendance package and is now saving 70% of time and resources spent on payroll. Landscape Company likes the option of choosing what workers use Timecard and when, since many of the employees are seasonal, no reoccurring charges for phones that are not deployed. Landscape Company estimates large savings in administration, fuel, overtime, time-theft and payroll. “Timecard GPS has made our company more efficient and profitable. We now have live reports and can make accurate decisions based on these reports. Timecard GPS has been a very valuable tool for how we conduct our business, along with how we grow our business.”

Security Agency has individual security guards located throughout region at various businesses. Agency needed proof that guards were on duty and at job location at times required. Timecard GPS was deployed to the Agency’s security guards and administrators were able to monitor and document guard’s time and attendance along with movements at job location. Econz smart fence technology is used to send triggers to Agency management when guard enters specified areas. “Not being able to be at every job location to monitor our security guards is a difficult task. Customer satisfaction is clearly very important to us and we need to make sure our guards are doing what is required by our customers. With Econz Timecard GPS we now have the peace of mind of monitoring our workforce and staying on top of our obligations. Excellent software and highly recommended for any company who wants manage their mobile workforce.”

Large Property Maintenance Company has over 150 field workers and over 450 properties to maintain. The Company has a large Hispanic workforce and needed something more user friendly than their current tracking application. Company also needed to have 450 smart fences put around each of the property locations. Team clock in/out was necessary for many of their crews. Company also requested Google Mapping for accurate GPS data and terrestrial view from satellite. End result was Econz staff built all 450 smart fences and input Company job and task list in organization. Field workers are automatically clocked in/out at each location, ultimately simplifying the time and attendance process. Property Maintenance Company operates workforce much more efficiently with real time data of every employee and job. Bottom line is that now they are able to manage their workforce know matter how big or what the challenge is.

HVAC Company is a geothermal heat pump specialist which was founded in 1980. HVAC Company has been providing heating and cooling alternatives in residential, commercial, and educational settings. The company has made a commitment to savings for the customer, by taking responsibility for the entire job from excavating to installation. Before Timecard, HVAC users worked four to six remote sites, which meant that getting the employee’s timesheets in on time was difficult. Often the timesheets were illegible, so office workers had to contact the field workers to confirm the information on the reports. Additionally, the field workers filled out their timesheets weekly, rather than daily, which led to inaccurate reporting of time. Company has deployed Timecard on the phones of their Geothermal Technicians. They have taken advantage of our Smart Fence features to ensure that the techs arrive on site and depart at the appropriate times. HVAC Company also adds their jobs to their account so that workers can choose from an accurate list of tasks. The Company’s efficiency has markedly improved since implementing Timecard. Field workers are clocking in daily and they are accountable for their location because of the GPS services offered with Timecard. The users are choosing from an accurate list of jobs and their time is recorded automatically, an obvious improvement over the sometimes illegible paper timesheets that wasted time being confirmed. Using one of the many reports that we offer to customers, administrators are able to make daily reports that circulate within the company’s management. This has led to improved response time to jobs that need intervention to complete on time.


Home Healthcare

Healthcare Company has nurses deployed every day to various homes of patients located all around different regions. Time theft and documenting time spent at each location was a high priority for Healthcare Company. Company deployed Timecard GPS to document time, location and tasks of each of their Home Healthcare nurses. Results using Timecard GPS found a few nurses were not going to assigned appointments nor where they spending required time at locations. Company management was able to confront nurses and address these issues. A report is also generated and sent to customers inquiries regarding time spent, duties performed and services rendered. Company now has over 200 nurses using Timecard GPS and is managing their workforce more efficiently and capturing real time data and employee movements. Overall, company has a superior performance rating and great reputation with their peers. Company business is growing by over 20% year after year.



Large Beverage Distribution Company has trucks and marketing teams throughout region. Beverage Company uses Timecard GPS to monitor time spent at each location along with job details associated with each task. Company uses Timecard GPS to help document Federal and State wage-hour laws and more specific around mobile workers required lunch periods and breaks. Company has reduced overtime costs, fuel costs and payroll processing. Beverage Company also integrated Econz into peferred 3rd party time and attendance product. No more paper time sheets mean more accurate time sheet information and fewer errors. Beverage Company now manages their workforce properly and the end result is a more efficient and more profitable company.



Government Agency employs inspectors who assess the cleanliness and check for repair issues in classrooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and any other areas for students. These inspectors are highly mobile and the work they do is important in allocating funds to the various schools. Both school administration and the inspectors themselves needed a way to keep track of which buildings had been visited and when. Government Agency launched Timecard on the inspectors’ mobile phones so they can clock in daily. With the GPS capabilities of Timecard, the inspectors are tracked throughout their day. Checking in with the inspectors is simple and unobtrusive, because with only a few clicks the inspectors’ locations can be determined. The inspectors feel secure that they always have proof of their activities. Overall, administrators report that using Timecard has “made life a lot easier.”


Manufacturing Service and Repair

Copier Repair Company has technician visiting offices throughout region. Many work orders come in from customer with requests for repair or maintenance immediately. Poor communication between office manager and technicians slowed customer service down and cost Copier Company customer accounts. Losing clients because of poor customer service is not good in any business. Copier Company deployed Econz Eservice to their employees and now work order information is sent directly to technician’s wireless device. Manager is now able to see live time progress of work order and status of each request. Invoices are sent to customer as soon as job is completed. Billing process and payment occur much faster than previous paper invoice sent at end of each month. End result Copier Repair Company has grown from 12 technicians to 20 in 14 months and business is running more efficiently enabling for growth within company.


Employee Tracking
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