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"We chose Econz Wireless because it was easy to install and very user friendly. Their QuickBooks report is incredibly efficient, saving hours of office work. Econz Wireless is great for tracking employee's hours and locations and we highly recommend them."

Mary Dziatkiewicz
Operations Administrator - Noffke Roofing

"Over five years the reliability has been outstanding. Knowledgeable support representatives answer any question or resolve issues immediately. Econz Wireless understands the importance of service and provides first class support."

Ed Lopez
Operations Manager - Morrison Geothermal Inc.

"Easy to use with accurate reporting, and since it's web-based, I can access it anytime, anywhere. I recommend Econz Wireless to any business that needs time and GPS tracking for their operations."

Steve Steele
Director of Operations - Keesen Landscape Management, Inc.

"Our company suffered a significant financial loss due to Meal Period violations and over-time pay violations. Econz Timecard has provided the necessary tools to help us be compliant with wage-hour laws and furthermore, help protect our company from any other potential litigations and/or class action law suits."

Econz Customer

"Econz Timecard simplifies time and attendance and saved our company thousands of dollars each month by reducing our admin costs, fuel costs and over-time costs."

Econz Customer

"Econz Timecard is a fantastic platform to see all the processes in the field and allows us the flexibility to make critical decisions in real-time necessary to operate efficiently. We have access to over 35 real-time reports and recognition to where every employee is and what job they are currently working on."

Econz Customer

"Our company was buried in paperwork from paper time sheets, end of day reports and documentation dedicated to job requirements. Econz Timecard eliminated all of these headaches and automated all these processes in a simple to use time and attendance platform with custom forms dedicated to our business. This moved our company forward in light years and enabled our company to thrive and advance both in efficiencies and financially. Highly recommend this product for any employer wanting to be more organized and efficient!"

Econz Customer

"Over the 12 months since implementation I am seeing more accountability from the sales team and I am now able to provide management with accurate and prompt sales reports.says van Heerden, Sales Manager of AfrimatReady Mix. We now get daily reports from the team in the field and we can check where they have been, who they have seen, and process the orders much faster van Heerden says. "In fact our sales team has embraced the Econz system enthusiastically as they file their reports as they sit in their cars on leaving the customer."


"Since introducing the Econz Wireless Timecard GPS application, we have not only saved on fuel costs and other expenses, but we can spot a fraudulent claim immediately."

Maisha Medical

"Almost immediately we are seeing an increase in sales as the merchandisers push stock into the stores, says Poilly."


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